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Word Crush 2022:

Four Quarter Discovery

We're taking this year on a different course. It's a journey of discovery broken into four quarters. Each quarter we'll learn about  a topic that is key in becoming your best self.  Those topics include: Self Love, Boundaries, Forgiveness and Gratitude.  We'll take 3 months learning about each topic, discovering where and how they are needed in our lives and putting them into practice. We're slowing things down and really giving ourselves time to lean in to the benefits of discovery. 

When :  January 10 - December 23, 2022

Cost :  $35.00 per month

***Pay in full to receive a 25% discount! (That's over a $100 off!)***

During the year you'll receive.....

1. Separate closed Facebook Group for private discussion and sharing

2. Facebook video Lives weekly within the group (called Office Hours)

3. Exercises each quarter to allow you to practice what you are learning at your own pace

4. Strategies, perspectives, and insights

5. Support and engagement from 2 Coaches

6. Each member gets 1 coaching call check in per month (An $840.00 value)



If you are looking to make changes or break out of your box but are struggling to follow through...join us! We can't wait to meet you!

If you're wondering...."How do I sign up?"....simply click on the link below.   Once your spot is reserved, we'll contact you with details for the group!

*Pay in Full*
$310.00 one time payment

*12 Monthly Payments*
($35.00 per month)

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