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Rave Reviews

What our clients say....

~Becky Rees~

Kreger Nation took me beyond the inspirational quotes, podcast, and TED talks to personally challenge me in the ares I needed to work on to genuinely live life with calm, peace and joy.  Pat and Tina have an innate ability to listen with support and understanding in a judgement free zone while empowering you to explore where you need to work.  The process is tailored to you every step of the way with unwavering support that isn't afraid to call your bluff when you need it.  I went from using negative self talk all too often and not recognizing all my qualities as positive, to now bein able to navigate life with genuine positvity.  Even when I fall back into bad habits, I now have tools to self assess and recognize what needs to be done to get back on track.  Pat and Tina are expetionally gifted in what they do and truly have found their calling in this work.  I thoroughly enjoyed the honor of working with these two enlightened souls!

~M. M. H. ~

"I have been part of an Accountability Group Pat and Tina run and it really is an amazing experience!   I can't say enough how much I have learned and how much the support and love from the small group has really helped me to make positive changes.  Pat and Tina are truly born leaders and make the best coaching team!"


Pat and Tina are AMAZING life coaches!  They will guide you, push you, call out the BS.  I never felt judged, and they lead with love!  If you're ready for a change in your life and are open to doing the hard work, they are the coaches for you.

~J. F.~

"I immediately was very comfortable around Pat and Tina.  I didn't feel judged, I felt like I could be real with them.  These 2 have a GIFT with people!  Because Pat and Tina are such a dynamic duo I "folded".  I shared with them my inner thoughts, I showed vulnerability I haven't shown to very many people in my life.  I was truthful with them.  They were the push I have been looking for!  The ones who would ask the HARD questions!  They have given me so many tools to use to get me back climbing that mountain called LIFE.  I am and will forever be grateful.  They lead with love, are authentic, encouraging and live their truth as an example.  I HIGHLY recommend this dynamic duo!


Patrick reached out to me when I was in a place that I could not reach out for myself.   My trust was very broken so I was cautious. He and Tina were so loving and actually truly cared about me that  soon I was able to learn from them. They knew the right questions to ask to get me thinking and bring what I needed to be working on in myself to the surface. Pat has this sixth sense to know when there is more to the story that you're not talking about. And Tina is the gentle soul who makes you feel safe.  It’s great having the two perspectives because you get a clearer picture. I will be forever grateful to them for the tools and the new frame of mind they gave to me. And they will always be my friends.

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