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Pay It Forward

We believe that together we grow and through the support of community we thrive.  We also believe that anyone...regardless of financial situations...should have access to support.  It is from this thinking that we designed our Pay It Forward program.  Very simply, our program is a way for individuals to pay it forward to those in need.   Whether you are in need of coaching or not...together we can make an impact.  Your donation allows us to continue making that impact.


Donations can be made in any increment.  Your donations allow us to provide coaching to someone who may not be able to afford it.   You may donate a single session, a package (like a 6 session package)  or a different amount.   For more information please contact us.


If you are in need of coaching, however your financial means do not allow for it...please contact us.  Please know that we are here for help you thrive, to light your path so that you can find your way.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to take advantage of the Pay It Forward Program, please contact us at 952-913-9996 or by email at  To make a donation simply click the Donate button below!

Thank you for helping us help others!

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