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Welcome to Pat's World

Our closed Facebook group

For those of us in this group, please know we are all unique. We show up for each other. We are all here to support and lift each other up. We are here, collectively, to help, listen, and offer suggestions. Every person in this group has insight to offer. Patrick and Tina are trained coaches that will be moderating and coaching.

Welcome to Pat's World Rules:

Constructive criticism is welcome so long as it comes from a place of love. Lead with love friends..always lead with love.

We always share and comment in a supportive and respectful way. Every person has the right to lead and experience their own journey. Hurtful or disrespectful posts will be deleted, regardless of the underlying intention. Please do not mention anything political, in any form. We accept everybody in Pat's World, no matter your views.

Everything shared in Welcome to Pat's World is shared in the spirit of confidence. We do not gossip and endeavor not to share any information outside the safety of the group. Membership is anonymous and should not be shared outside of the group.

Advertising of outside services is not allowed, with the exception of Kreger Nation services. We want this to be a safe, respected place free of distractions.

This is a place where we help and support each other out of love because we believe in the power of community and connection. Interaction in this community is not meant to take the place of working with a trained counselor or therapist. As such we will monitor and remove posts that delve into territory (such as suicide or self harm) where a well meaning response could do more harm than good. We whole heartedly believe that these things should be talked about in safe environments with trained therapists and will contact members via private message to provide resources.


Welcome to Pat's world!!

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