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Leaving Behind a Legacy

To leave a legacy means to create a lasting impact or influence that continues beyond your lifetime. It involves making a meaningful contribution or imprint on the world in a way that leaves a positive mark on future generations or society as a whole. Leaving a legacy often goes beyond personal achievements or accumulating wealth and focuses on the broader impact you have on others or the world.


Legacy can take various forms, including:

Personal achievements

Philanthropy and giving

Mentorship and education

Social or political change

Family and relationships

We'll dig into all of these during our workshop and how to bring that into your life and focus. 

Ultimately, leaving a legacy is about contributing to something larger than yourself and making a positive, enduring impact on the world or the lives of others. It is a way to be remembered and to continue influencing future generations long after you are gone. Leaving a legacy ties in closely with inner growth.  As we master skills of living our best life, we can turn our focus outward and create change externally that not only supports our continued growth, but helps our communities as a whole. If you're new to the inner growth journey...digging in to what leaving a legacy means to you helps create the map that will guide you forward on your journey.

The class will be hosted on ZOOM.

When: June 21, 2023

Time:  7pm -9pm Central Standard Time

Cost :  $37.00

What to expect.....

*We'll meet on Zoom (You'll be added to a chat thread with information and links for the workshop)

*The class will be led by Coaches Patrick and Tina Kreger of Kreger Nation.

*Tools, strategies and perspective will be discussed.

*Bring your questions or struggles, pen and paper, we'll work through them together. 

*This workshop will be recorded for you to have full access to.

If you're wondering...."How do I sign up?"....simply click on the link below.   Once your spot is reserved, we'll contact you with details for the class!

Leaving Behind a Legacy

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