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Our Coaching Story

"We do things differently here"

The Kreger's are a married coaching team. Their vision was to bring a male and female perspective to each client. Through their journey of 20 years together they arrived at their purpose, coaching, helping others find their core of strength. You won't find any fancy degrees behind this duo. Everything they are was carved out of years of experiences, victories and failures. Resulting in a comprehensive outlook, and determination to assist each client with respect, compassion, and love….sometimes tough love, to reclaim yourself.


Hailing from the great state of MN Patrick brings much to the table. The power of connecting with people, and his ability to reach out has set him on a course to see everyone's potential. Learning the hard way from many failures including finances, housing, relationships, parenting, anxiety, and panic, he has made it through the gates of hell to be here. Tina is an east coast native from PA. The Kregers met over the phone, before the internet! She is a fitness instructor, and a 4th degree Master black belt running her own Taekwondo school with over 40 students. Tina's love of research, learning, and hard work has already transformed many lives. She has used that knowledge to gain tools to help others. That knowledge and love of learning came in to play when their son was diagnosed Autistic. She was told by experts to be prepared for his huge delay to prevent him from starting school on time and graduating with his class. Tina took that challenge, and in May 2018 he graduated on time with his class and today is a thriving young adult.   The Kreger's are a different breed. But they lead with love and welcome any and all individuals wanting change who are ready for it. 


Come grow with us!

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